Hot Cold

Hot Cold is a brand of E.C.TECH LTD

we are importers, exporters and manufacturers of heating solutions, cooling solutions, electronic products and advanced pest control products. all products are for the business sector as well as the private sectors. Each product  have passed a quality check test by the leading architects in the country  to insure the products high  quality   

the manufacturing factory is headed by a professional engineer with over 30 years of experience, who also oversee our  repair lab where in we fix all various types of heaters, air coolers as well as most electronic products, every repair is looked over with the by professionals  to insure the best quality repair ltd is the number one manufacturers in the country with a brand of infra red heaters by the name "William Marcello" we are also the official importers of Puro design infra red heaters brand, Phormalab heater brand as well as trappen.  we believe in thinking out of the box and making all of our clients happy by insuring the best service and extensive warranty because we believe in every products quality and value       

  in closing we have gained a big clientele starting from government corporations , restaurants, shopping malls, airports ext... we insure that every product pass Israel's  standard institution as well as European standards, we want to give products that are the best designed  as well as  long lasting

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phone: +972545910786

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